Nomadic family hiking through the forest, and up the mountain toward illumination

Soulmates Amy and Daniel have always been drawn to esoteric stuff, from music to art. Feeling that need to make things and be creative, Hermetic Mountain was started on the Winter Solstice of 2014. Our recent move cross-country has brought us to the Rocky Mountains, and has been an artistically inspiring experience. All of our art has a natural aspect about it. We are usually most creative around the new / full moon, or a seasonal shift. Our jewelry is designed to be metaphysically functional and fashion forward. Our love of chemistry, alchemy, and botany has brought us to create our own bath and beauty products Using Danny's extreme intuitiveness, and Amy's clairvoyant nature, we are now offering psychic services. Never content to stop experimenting and learning, this shop is our outlet for our weirdness. Thank you so much for stopping by!

If thou but settest foot on this Path, thou shalt see it everywhere...
— Hermes Trismegistus

100% Handmade and original

All of our products are handmade by us. Always. Using only the best organic materials out there. We gladly accept custom orders, and would love to make items accustomed to your needs. scents created for the perfumery are all uniquely made by us in our alchemical lab (our kitchen.) our art and photography is inspired by nature and the universe we live in. The Jewelry we create is meant to be metaphysically functional and fashion forward. 


Homegrown and Wildcrafted

Most of our herbs were organically grown in our own garden, or wildcrafted by us in the Rocky Mountains of at least 6000 ft elevation. If we do run low on supplies, and need to source it elsewhere, we only buy from well known organic shops, and will let you know. It is our mission to grow it ourselves, and we have set up an indoor garden to continue making teas and such throughout the winter. This is our first year gardening in zone 2! bear with us!


DIY and ECO Conscious 

Being a family of conservationists, we aim to bring you a healthy, eco way of life. All products were made or harvested without harming the environment around us. We believe in sacred medicine, and open spaces. 

On our journeys, we have found that living with an "All is Mind" attitude, and a more DIY lifestyle, we can achieve almost anything. We are happy to help you achieve that as well.

Stay tuned as we share recipes, esoteric poems, how to's, and more. 

10% of our profits will go towards The Montana Raptor Conservation, and American Prairie Reserve.


Metaphysics and Meditation

Most of the crystals and stones we use with our jewelry or sell within our shop have been found by us on our journeys. We enjoy geology, and love learning about the pieces we find. With great respect for the earth, we only carry a limited selection. The meditative energy we put into finding each stone is the same relaxed energy you will feel when you hold it, or wear it as a talisman. All stones have been charged by the moonlight of the last full moon.

rocks and minerals have been known to heal your inner vibrations throughout centuries. Let us guide you through your meditations.

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