Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation


Having strange or reoccurring dreams?
Do you travel to far away galaxies you didn’t even know existed? Are you speaking with spirit animals or encountering evil demons that leave you frozen with sleep paralysis? Would you like to know the meaning of these astral travels? Mundane, weird, malefic, or benefic?
We can help guide you through dream interpretation..

You will learn about what these visions mean in your everyday life.

There is symbolism all around us, even when we are dreaming awake.

Let’s chat so we can get to the core of your most inner deepest feelings. This is for one dream session via email, or Skype if you prefer.

After purchasing this listing, please send us a conversation with your dream description so we can start the interpretation. You will receive a conversation back within 36 hours with as much detail as possible about the dreams or visions you’re experiencing.

*this is guidance thru the means of entertainment purposes only, given by intuitive and clairvoyant individuals.

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