Deer Antler Necklace w/ Quartz Crystal Point

Deer Antler Necklace w/ Quartz Crystal Point


Handcrafted deer antler necklace with metaphysical healing quartz crystal! Quartz stone set into a carved out deer antler. Pendant is suspended by a brass rod thru the antler, with soldered copper wires keeping it secure. Two hand cut deer antler beads on the end. The beads kind of jangle around, and make a cool sound. Pendant is fastened on a hand braided black hemp rope. 20" long double loop necklace.

Quartz - SiO2 -
Silicon Dioxide
Quartz properties:
Primary chakra: All
Astrological sign: All
Healing properties:
Somatic: immune system, healing, Pineal gland, Thyroid, vertigo
Psychic: healing, balance, harmony,
Transcendent: amplification, telepathy, shamanic healing, unity

Deer antler:
The Norsemen and Druids believed deer antler was capable of prophecy or visions, and often tied deer bones to staffs, stangs, and wands.

Zinc - Zn
Zinc properties:
Primary chakra: Root
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Healing properties:
Somatic: detoxification, anxiety, reproduction
Psychic: problem solving, coping
Transcendent: spontaneity, intuition

Copper - Cu
Copper properties:
Primary chakra: Root
Astrological sign: Sagittarius, Taurus, Libra
Healing properties:
Somatic: detoxification, infection, circulation, electrical conductivity
Psychic: esteem, calm, boundary dissolution
Transcendent: balance, clarity

Thank you for looking! Let us know if you have any questions All stones are hand picked based on psychic and vibrational energy, and each piece is uniquely handmade by Danny and Amy.

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