Custom Zodiac Constellation Metal Art Plaque

Custom Zodiac Constellation Metal Art Plaque


Pre-order - Custom made metal art plaque depicting your favorite zodiac sign and constellation. Let us know what sign you are and we will make a heat anodized metal plaque and write a personal horoscope just for you, or a friend. These make awesome gifts!! This one shown was given to the shop owner Amy on her birthday made by Danny. The heat treatment made for a metallic rainbow effect. All the stars are to scale, and will hopefully shine through when you see your constellation in the sky. Looks cool with a light behind it shining on the wall or lighting the stars up with natural sunlight through a window. We can make you a small wooden custom stand if you would like one. This one shown is approximately
3" x 4" (we can make them larger for an extra fee)

This is marked as a “Pre-Order” because we are working on our metal shop and it could take up to a few months to make. This is to help fund the project of building a new workshop.

Thank you for looking. Let us know if you have any questions.

Aries ♈️ • Taurus ♉️ • Gemini ♊️ • Cancer ♋️ • Leo ♌️ • Virgo ♍️ • Libra ♎️ • Scorpio ♏️ • Sagittarius ♐️ • Capricorn ♑️ • Aquarius ♒️ • Pisces ♓️

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