Custom Made Ceremonial Wand // Ritual / Altar Tool // Witchcraft

Custom Made Ceremonial Wand // Ritual / Altar Tool // Witchcraft


Custom Made Wand - Witches Wand - Altar Tool - Ceremonial Magic

Made to order - custom ceremonial magic wand for casting your favorite spells, or for smudging your altar space. These are handcrafted to your liking. The possibilities are endless. Pick out what type of wand you would like; see pics for details.

Smaller size hand is approximately 12”-15”
Larger wand is around 2’

These make a great gift and we can get very custom!

Items we use:
Drift wood
Hand forged metals
Deer antlers / Animal bones
Hemp rope
Copper wire wrapping
... and other metallurgy & other various items that that maybe you have an idea about ;)

Personalized, hand carved, and painted symbols of your choice, or we can create special sigils just for you!

Wands are not necessary for energy work, but they can be helpful. I find that they make a great talisman when used properly. Great and powerful tool to send energy out, or draw energy in.

Perfect for:
Setting positive intentions
Ceremonial purposes
Ancestor tool
Spell casting
Cosplay costume

Contact us today to see what we can design for you. The wands shown are just examples of what we can create. These are 100% made for you. We can use your astrological aspects, or do a tarot reading for you to guide us on what to use.

*Price varies depending on what you are looking for.

**All natural items used are found by us in a ethical way, and cleansed if necessary.

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