Custom Hermetics Package

Custom Hermetics Package


Custom Cleansing Care Package Sent To Your Front Door From The Beautiful Mountains Of Montana.

With This Package You Will Receive:

1 Tarot Reading Using Any Deck Of Choice, With The Traditional Celtic Cross Spread (Our Tarot Decks Include: The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, The Hermetic Tarot, And The Luminous Spirit Tarot Deck) You Will Receive A Picture Of The Spread, And A Detailed Description Of What The Cards Entail.

2 Smudge Sticks To Cleanse Your Space With Positive Intentions.

1 Packet Of 12 Sticks Of Our Homemade Eagle Owl Incense.

2 .5oz. Samples Of Our Homegrown/Wildcrafted Tea.

A Handful Of Assorted Healing Crystals Found By Us Down By The River, Or Up On A Mountain!

An Energy Vortex Painting, Painted By Amy McLeod

Let Us Know What We Can Help Guide You With...

**Add An Astro Reading For Another $50**

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