CHAKRA READING by Hermetic Mountain // Seven Card Spread

CHAKRA READING by Hermetic Mountain // Seven Card Spread


Understanding and clarity through the means of cartomancy. Seven card tarot reading - Past Present Future. Psychic reading using the Hermetic Tarot Deck - we also have The Rider-Waite deck, Thoth, and Luminous Spirit, and we also do Rune Casting.

The art of divination and fortune telling goes back to ancient times. We love invoking the energy of our ancestral spirits to bring you an esoteric affirmation. Within 24 hours you will receive written lucid guidance in a Etsy conversation from us with a detailed description of the spread that was chosen for you, along with a picture of the ritual. Based on certain circumstances surrounding your birthday and inquiry we will perform the reading during special planetary hours.

Please provide us with the date, time, and location in which you were born, and a specific question you would like to ask the gods.
We are only the messengers in this realm.

Please convo us if you would like this sent via PDF to your email

*readings are for the purpose of entertainment.. although it can be very accurate and helpful

< this listing is for a tarot reading, not the physical deck >
You can find this deck for sale at most bookstores that carry tarot decks.

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