Astrology Reading

Astrology Reading


Have you ever wanted to learn more about your true Self? Through the power of astrology we can help guide you with an in-depth reading. Pinpointing your aspects we will give you a few written detailed paragraphs about your planets and where they are in the universe.

Astrology is one of the most ancient teachings, pre-dating most religions. Our ancestors were able to map the stars, and pave the way for modern astrologers. Stargazing is a true passion of ours. Let us tap into that ancestral spirit, to guide you through the circadian rhythms. Send us the date, time, and location of which you were born and we will pull up your charts! There is something to be said about the stars and the way they are aligned.

Learn about your:
•Sun sign / Zodiac Sign
•Ascendant / Rising Sign
•Moon sign / Moon Phase
-Trines, squares, conjunctions & opposites
-Planetary hour of which you were born
and much much more!

*Readings are for entertainment purposes only. 

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