Arrowhead Necklace Pendant Wrapped in Copper Wire

Arrowhead Necklace Pendant Wrapped in Copper Wire


Wire wrapped arrowhead pendant necklace on hand braided hemp rope! Hand knapped Ohio flint arrowhead has different shades of white, and grey. Wrapped in a bright copper wire. Fastened on a hand braided hemp rope. Hangs 15" / hemp rope is 27" long. Long used by the Native Americans. Ohio flint is protective, helps reduce shyness and helps heal meridians. Is said to vibrate to the number 7.

Flint - SiO2 -
Silicon Dioxide
Flint properties:
Primary chakra: Sacral
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Healing properties:
Somatic: Promotes normal liver and lung functions, aid in digestion and prevent nightmares.
Psychic: healing, balance, harmony,
Transcendent: amplification, telepathy, shamanic healing, unity

Copper - Cu
Copper properties:
Primary chakra: Root
Astrological sign: Sagittarius, Taurus, Libra
Healing properties:
Somatic: detoxification, infection, circulation, electrical conductivity
Psychic: esteem, calm, boundary dissolution
Transcendent: balance, clarity

Thank you for looking! Let us know if you have any questions All stones are hand picked based on psychic and vibrational energy, and each piece is uniquely handmade by Danny and Amy.

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